Stillwater Vision Clinic is the place of choice for your Laser Vision Correction options. Options which include all the necessary information, consultation, and evaluations for this very important life decision. We are also well versed in other refractive surgery options such as PRK (surface laser correction), accommodative intraocular lenses, and implantable contact lenses.

​Knowing your eyes and being able to take the extra time to answer all of your questions, Stillwater Vision Clinic can guide you through the process of Laser Vision Correction from your pre-operative care all the way through your post-operative care. Solid relationships with refractive surgery center and eye surgery co-management expertise make Stillwater Vision Clinic the logical Laser Vision Correction choice.

Together with NJoy Vision we are committed to providing you with comfort and excellent care. In the LASIK and Custom LASIK procedures, a flap of corneal tissue is created and then folded back. The cornea is the transparent dome-like structure that covers the iris and pupil of your eye. By creating a flap in the cornea, the surgeon is able to perform the laser vision correction treatment on the inner layer of the cornea and allows for a rapid visual recovery.

​How Does Laser Vision Correction Work?

LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is an advanced procedure using the Excimer Laser in combination with ALK (Automated Lamellar Keratoplasty). Many eye surgeons have found many advantages in performing LASIK, and worldwide it is the procedure of choice.First, a thin layer of the cornea tissue called the “flap” is made. Once this thin layer of tissue (the “flap”) has been fashioned, the Excimer Laser then reshapes the internal cornea for the desired optical effect for clear vision.

LASIK advantages include:

Little or no corneal haze
Rapid stability of vision
Little or no pain post-operatively
Elimination of prolonged healing time with less drops
Ability to treat higher ranges of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism

Custom LASIK

While conventional LASIK has been a complete revolution in vision correction, nJoy Vision also offers the latest in laser vision correction technology: Custom LASIK. Custom LASIK is a procedure that enables your surgeon to further customize the conventional LASIK procedure to your individual eyes. This customized procedure may result in patients seeing clearer and sharper than ever before. FDA (Fedral Drug Administration) studies show that Custom LASIK may produce better vision than is possible with contact lenses or glasses.

In clinical studies, Custom LASIK has been able to provide patients with:

A greater chance of having 20/20 vision
The potential for better vision than is possible with contacts or glasses
Less incidence of glare and halos
Potentially better overall vision, even at night.

Other Procedures

NJoy now offers multiple procedures for many different problems. Ask us about the innovative new surgeries for Keratoconus,Visian ICL, and KAMRA.

In general, to be a candidate for laser vision correction you should:

Be at least 18 years of age or older
Have stable vision for a year prior to the procedure
Be free of certain diseases of the cornea and retina
Be in good general healthAside from these general requirements, we recommend that before you proceed with laser vision correction, you take advantage of our free LASIK consultation.

The primary objective of the consultation is to determine whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction.. Equally as important, we educate you about whether or not laser vision correction is right for you, and the benefits and risks associated with this type of surgery.